Sailing On Morello

Morello, a 40-foot Tony Grainger designed trimaran, makes one feel like a water spider skating across the surface of the sea, barely breaking the surface tension […]

Cat Dancing 101

   The basics of maneuvering a catamaran (Published Spring 2016)   Catamarans have become “a thing.” Once a staple of sailing charter vacations, cats today are […]

Best Seat in the House

A critical look at various steering positions on cruising catamarans, their advantages and disadvantages (Published Winter 2016) The cruising catamaran has come a long way from […]

Speed and Comfort in a Cat

(Published Fall 2016) Whenever a catamaran wins an event, the skipper always boasts of his maximum speed …..15…20… knots….maybe more. That’s impressive, of course, but I […]

Buyers Beware

Here are the 13 biggest mistakes made when purchasing a used catamaran and how to avoid them  (Published Winter 2016) 1: Searching for the largest, cheapest […]