Tornado Class Gears Up for ISAF Conference!

This week, the Tornado Class is heading off to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the annual ISAF conference between November 3rd and 13th. They are set to prove to the ISAF and MNAs that the Tornado has what it takes to return as the Olympic Multihull ahead of next year’s trials. Since the controversial removal of the multihull from the Olympic Games back in 2007, the Tornado Class has been at the forefront of the campaign to bring two hulls back to the highest level of sailing.

The Tornado was designed specifically to be the Olympic Class Multihull and sailed its first Olympics in 1976. In spite of the best efforts of many other designers and builders worldwide, the Tornado still reigns supreme as the fastest production catamaran in the world. For the past 40 years the Tornado Class has had mixed teams at the top of the rankings. Some of you may remember Paul and Trine Elvström (DEN), the great heroes in the 80s at the Olympic Games.

With the new and strict High Quality One Design concept, the Tornado is well prepared for the Olympic Games Rio 2016.


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