Catamarans: Helping Surfers Around the World

A group of Portuguese surfers has been surfing waves with the helping hand of catamarans, in the River Tejo, in Lisbon, Portugal. On rush hour, the flat waters of Tejo get a very special two-foot swell, in rather unusual conditions: Catamarans linking both sides of River Tejo are creating waves that can be ridden by surfers, in certain days and hours, depending on the schedule of the big boat, the tide and moon phase.

“This is a dream we have. We do not live in front of a beach with waves, but surfing has become a reality at the doorstep. It’s funny and it’s something different, something that is not seen worldwide,” says Ricardo Carrajola, a local surfer.

Riders have been enjoying this unlikely surf spot in a country full of world class waves. The surfing conditions in the River Tejo have improved in the last years, because the old transportation ferries have been replaced by modern full-throttle catamarans. When catamarans pass by the group of surfers, they wave their hands asking the skipper to accelerate in order to get bigger and better waves. View video HERE.

From Surfer Today.


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