Weather4Sailors & North U to Offer Webinars on Communications and Weather has teamed up with North U to offer a series of webinars this spring. The first webinar entitled Onboard Communcications & Reading and Interpreting Weather Data will take place in a two part series of three hour sessions in March with both weeknight and weekend options to choose from.

The first session will include ways to get weather information onboard your vessel and will feature guest speakers who will cover radio (SSB and VHF), Satellite Communications (Iridium, Global Star, Older INMARSAT systems, Fleet Broadband and others), Navtex, and Weather Fax options including the pros and cons, costs, speeds, convenience, and reliability, of each option.

The second session will help you better understand the kind of weather you can expect, whether you are reading a weather map, trying to decipher a satellite image or determining the effects of a sea breeze and will include interactive case studies using real-world examples of weather maps and forecasting to create boat-specific forecasts – for both racers and cruisers. Guest speakers will include Ken Campbell from Commanders’ Weather and Joe Sienkiewicz from NOAA’s Ocean Prediction Center.

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