Exciting New Kinetic 62 Performance Cruising Cat

The new Kinetic 62 performance cruising catamaran that had its debut at the Annapolis sailboat show last week was certainly one of the stars of the show. The new South African-built cat, designed by Simonis Voogd, embodies a very artful blend of sailing performance and cruising comfort. The hulls, deck and rig are all infused carbon laminates which make the boat very light and extremely stiff. There is no question that the 62 has 20 knots of boat speed in the right conditions and a happy cruising speed in the mid-teens. The first thing you notice when you enter the saloon is the huge size of the wrap-around windows and the amazing 360-degree views. The helm is in the forward part of the saloon and sheets and halyards lead to winches in the forward cockpit, similar to Chris White designs and first-generation Gunboats. The galley is huge and will make gourmet chefs drool.  The 62 can have either a four-cabin or three-cabin layout in the hulls. Check out the Kinetic website for more information and photos. Check our the website.