Arabic Yacht Makes History Crossing the Atlantic

Omani sailors have earned a place in the history books as the first Arabic yacht to cross the Atlantic Ocean during the KRYS Ocean Race.

The KRYS Ocean Race, which features several of the world’s fastest multihull yachts, set sail in New York City on Saturday, July 7th and finished in a little under a week in Brest, France. The crew of the 70-foot trimaran Musandam-Oman Sail managed to take the lead early on, holding their position at the front of the fleet throughout the first day of racing. But unfortunately, bad luck struck and one of the sailboat’s foils spontaneously snapped off. For the remainder of the race, the yacht sailed at only 70% of its performance capacity.

 Despite this setback, Omani finished in fourth place, having crossed the Atlantic within five days.

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