The Space Between

An in-depth look at bridgedeck clearance for catamarans (Published Summer 2009) Bridgedeck clearance (the height of the bridgedeck above the water) is crucial for catamaran seaworthiness […]

Perry Prestige 57

An innovative cruising and motorsailing cat is born in Australia as a luxury escape machine for experienced sails with a big family. (Published Fall 2009) It’s […]

We’re Going Over!

Yes, it happens—multihulls broach, sometimes into a capsize (Published Spring 2011) The 48-foot catamaran was quickly gaining on its competition, just south of St. Maarten. As […]

Eco-Sport Fishing, Cat-Style

The art of big game trolling in the Gulf Stream. (Published Winter 2012) I have trolled for small fish from an 18-foot Hobie for more than […]