Perry Prestige 57

An innovative cruising and motorsailing cat is born in Australia as a luxury escape machine for experienced sails with a big family. (Published Fall 2009) It’s […]

Multihull Construction

A look at the myriad material possibilities (Published Winter 2011) A good multihull is a light, fast, exciting machine. To achieve this status, both the engineering/design […]

Running the Gauntlet

St Francis 50 delivery from Cape Town to Annapolis (Published Spring 2011) South Africa has numerous catamaran manufacturers that have established a solid reputation in both […]

Cool Cat

The innovative new 45-footer from Lagoon redefines family cruising and luxurious passagemaking (Published in Winter 2011) When you’ve already built one of the most successful cruising […]

Don’t Worry About a Thing

Aquidneck Custom’s Three Little Birds flies like the wind  (Published in Fall 2011) Let’s say you reach a point in life where you have had lots […]

Corsair Cruze 970

This rocket, pocket cruiser adds a touch of comfort to a design that will blow the doors off most other 32 footers (Published Fall 2014) I […]

Catamaran Depreciation

The ins and outs (and ups and downs) of used cat values. (Published Winter 2013) We all know that boats, unlike real estate, tend to depreciate. […]